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The Story of Kloi Phi Delivery 

With the Corona Virus situation affecting normal life, especially with a decrease in employment within the state of Meghalaya, the members of Kloi Phi Delivery Service saw an opportunity to lend a helping hand. With a Godly Intention of only creating employment and ensuring people that jobs can be created and that it is not far-fetched. Providing platforms for even the smallest of local stores even on remote places, connecting people  and product and introducing  a digital way on how right buyer meets the right seller.

Kloi Phi Delivery came into existence on the 25th of May, 2020. Ensuring safety of how products and services are provided, all the employees are equipped  with the most up-to date safety equipment. Kloi Phi delivery also aims to provide a platform for all local stores and local sellers.


Our mission is to ensure that we can facilitate employment with the surety of safety as a priority.


To connect the customers and products in every location possible, with understanding the people and the culture of the location expanded.


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